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Narex Brass Carving Mallet
Narex Brass Carving Mallet
Narex Brass Carving Mallet

Narex Brass Carving Mallet

Item Number: 101-755
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This brass mallet is the ideal carving companion for achieving the best balance between control and efficiency



Narex Brass Carving Mallet

Carving is a very exacting woodworking discipline, and to do it well requires tools that are designed to improve your control and allow you to work efficiently. This Brass Carving Mallet from Narex is ideally balanced to perform this dextrous work thanks to its high quality brass head and ergonomic handle design.

Having a heavy metal head concentrated into a small striking area allows the mallet to impact the chisel without any bounce back, so the entire kinetic force of each blow is imparted directly through the chisel to the cutting edge. The application of this simple physics principle allows the carver to work without the need for inefficient and tiring arm swings, so you're able to keep your focus by using shorter controlled strikes over the course of your project.

From wooden blank to a finished piece, a Narex Brass Carving Mallet is the best choice for carvers who demand precision from their instruments throughout the workday.

Features Include:

  • Total weight: 500 grams
  • Solid brass striking surface - 40mm diameter x 52mm length
  • Stained hornbeam handle - 118mm
  • Overall length: 170mm

Uses in your shop:

  • Use this Brass Carving Mallet on projects that favor a high degree of accuracy over brute force
  • Pair with a set of carving chisels to open a whole new avenue of woodworking possibilities for your workshop

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