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iVac Pro Tool Plus
iVac Pro Tool Plus
iVac Pro Tool Plus
iVac Pro Tool Plus

iVac Pro Tool Plus

Item Number: 115-111
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The new Pro Tool Plus is simple to set up for use with iVac Pro Switches and Automated Blast Gates.



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Streamline Your Dust Collection System with the iVac Pro Tool Plus

The iVac Pro Tool Plus brings an upgraded functionality to the original Pro Tool design that woodworkers in shops around the world are going to love.

We'll start with the best part - you no longer have to figure out WHICH Pro Tool is going to work for your specific machines. This Pro Tool Plus fits on any power tool in your shop that works up to 220 volts, and can move from one machine to ther other as you need it, while the old Pro Tool was a slave to the specific voltage. You no longer have to worry about whether your power tool is 115vac, 220vac, needs the High Amp model, or anything of the sort. And when you're ready to upgrade your power to a bigger model, the Pro Tool Plus can carry straight over without a fuss.

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Like the old device, the Pro Tool Plus is used to identify when your power tools are powered on, and then it wirelessly broadcasts a power-on signal to the iVac Pro Switch attachement on your existing dust collector. So every time you turn on your power tool, the dust collection vacuum automatically activates without your needing to actiate it manually. When you turn the power tool off, the dust collection system turns off as well.

Unlike the old device, setup is a cinche. You simply clip the Pro Tool Plus to the outside of your power tool's existing power chord, plug the included 10' long USB power plug for the Pro Tool Plus into a standard outlet, and it detects whether or not your machine is powered on without the need to mount it to the machine. It's also much smaller than the original Pro Tool, so you don't waste valuable shop space trying to shoehorn a large yellow box into the spaces around your larger woodworking tools.

Features Include:

  • Automatically detects your power tool's voltage and amperage
  • Small size takes up less room than the original Pro Tool Plus
  • Easily movable to other machines in your workshop
  • Three modes of operation: AUTO - OFF - ON
  • Programmable to pair with your iVac Pro Switch and iVac Pro Blast Gates for fully automated dust collection
  • 40 feet of wireless range to reach every corner of your workshop

Uses in your shop:

  • Replace or add into your existing iVac Dust Collection Systems for hands-free activation of your dust collector and iVac Pro Automated Blast Gates.

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