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Track Saw Quick Clamp Kit, Pair

Track Saw Quick Clamp Kit, Pair

Item Number: 116-284
Don't let your track saw go anywhere with a set of these sturdy screw-style clamps



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Track Saw Clamps

The last thing you need is for your new Triton Plunge Track Saw to move out of alignment. Secure your Triton Tracks to the work piece with a set of these Track Saw Clamps and you'll be making cuts so precise you'd swear they were done on the table saw.

Features Include:

  • Clamps slide into place on the underside of your Triton Tracks to secure them firmly to your work piece

Uses in your shop:

  • Make table-saw precise cuts in laminates, sheet goods, veneers, kitchen counter tops, and more by using these clamps to secure your Triton Plunge Track Saw and Tracks to the top of your work piece.

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