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Carbide Shaper Cutters

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Wood Shaper Cutters - Carbide Shaper Cutters and Accessories

Infinity Cutting Tools is a leader in the industry for high-quality, long-lasting shaper cutters and shaper cutter accessories. We offer a variety of shaper cutters in standard and unique profiles to make your next project really stand out!

Door-Making Shaper Cutters

With Infinity's door-making shaper cutters you can create beautiful, custom cabinet doors for kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture projects. We also offer shaper cutters for making custom interior and exterior passage doors for your home.

Our extensive selection of shaper cutters for making cabinet doors includes our 1-pc. Rail & Stile Cabinet Door Shape-up Shaper Cutters as well as individual rail and stile sets for cabinet doors. We also supply reversible rail and stile shaper cutters.

You can make your own interior and exterior doors using our rail and stile shaper cutter for interior and exterior doors.

To round out our selection of door-making shaper cutters, we offer raised panel shaper cutters and backcutter shaper cutters for creating your own raised-panel cabinet doors as well as interior and exterior doors.

Molding, Profiling & Joinery Shaper Cutters

Infinity Cutting Tools offers a wide variety of edge-making shaper cutters for creating decorative edge profiles on your woodworking projects. These include:

  • Rabbeting Shaper Cutters for creating joinery
  • Chamfer Shape-Up Shaper Cutters to add eye-catching angles to edges
  • Corner Round Shaper Cutters to ease edges
  • A Quarter Round Shaper Cutter for traditional roundovers and ovolo cuts
  • Multi-Profile Shaper Cutter to create coves, roundovers, beads, coves, and more
  • Ogee Shape-Up Shaper Cutters in classical and reverse ogee shapes
  • Bullnose Shaper Cutters for making stair treads, window sills, shelf edging, and more
  • Door Edge Shaper Cutter to create a classic decorative edge to cabinet doors

Our joinery shaper cutters accomodate a wide range of needs in the woodworking shop for a variety of joinery tasks. Our selection includes:

  • V-Tongue & Groove Shaper Cutters to make wide panel glue-up quick and easy
  • Floor-Making Shaper Cutters to make custom hardwood flooring
  • V-Panel Shaper Cutters for creating wainscoting, custom flooring, siding, and more
  • Glue Joint Shaper Cutters for super-strong joints in panel glue-ups
  • Finger Joint Shaper Cutters to maximize material usage while providing a strong joint
  • Lock Miter Shaper Cutters for fast and easy box assembly
  • Edge-Banding Shaper Cutters for the ultimate in covering plywood and MDF edges for cabinetry

Our molding shaper cutters are the perfect soluting for the woodworking shop that needs to make custom molding and trim for projects or architectural trim for construction and remodeling projects. OUr selection of molding shaper cutters includes:

  • Double Flute Shaper Cutters
  • Double Bead Shaper Cutters
  • Single Flute Shaper Cutters
  • Triple Flute Shaper Cutters
  • Triple Bead Shaper Cutters
  • Crown Molding Shaper Cutters

If you own a shaper, Infinity Tools is your go-to source for wood shaper cutters and accessories.