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Crosscutting Saw Blades

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Crosscutting Saw Blades - Table Saw Blades - Table Saw - Sawing

Woodworking professionals know that if you want the smoothest edge when cutting across the grain on hardwoods and softwoods, you use a table saw blade specifically engineered for this job. Likewise, when cutting melamine and veneered plywood, you want a blade that results in chip-free cuts. And when it comes to cutting non-ferrous metals (brass and aluminum), melamine, plastic, as well as hardwood and softwood on the table saw or miter saw, not just any blade will do the job.

10" Fine Crosscutting Blade - .104" Kerf

In spite of its name, our 10" Fine Crosscutting Blade is really a multifunction table saw or miter saw blade. It certainly excels at making glass-smooth crosscuts but the unique tooth geometry allows it function as a rip blade, as well. Whatever the application, you won't be disappointed with the performance of this blade.

10" Laminate Saw Blade - Full Kerf

We all know that cutting melamine or veneered plywood and MDF can be a frustrating experience. The thin laminates and veneers tend to chip as the blade exits the cut. Our 10" Laminate Saw Blades are designed to eliminate chipping and tearout, even on the trickiest materials.

10" Multi-Material Saw Blade - Full Kerf

Every well-equipped shop should have a saw blade dedicated to cutting plastics, aluminum, brass, and other non-ferrous materials. The 10" Multi-Material Saw Blade is just the ticket. It makes ultra-smooth cuts in a variety of materials (including hardwood, softwood, plywood, and melamine) and is suitable for your table saw or miter saw.