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Combination Saw Blades

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If there's one blade most woodworkers leave in their table saw on a day-to-day basis, it's the combination blade. Combination table saw blades by Infinity Cutting Tools are designed to provide excellent results for both ripping and crosscutting operations. You won't be disappointed with any of the combination table saw blades we offer.

Super General Combination Table Saw Blades

Our full-kerf 10" Super General Saw Blades and thin-kerf 10" Super General Saw Blades offer superior performance in a combination table saw blade.

The Super General combination table saw blade is the go-to choice for super-smooth cuts in hardwood and a variety of sheet goods. The Super General also produces chip-free cuts in melamine and veneered plywood.

Combo Max Combination Table Saw Blade

For heavy-duty shop use and long life, nothing beats our full-kerf Combo-Max 10" Combination Saw Blade and our thin-kerf Combo-Max combination blade. Combo-Max saw blades are designed for durability and longer cutting life.

Laser Thin-Kerf Table Saw Blade

To minimize material waste, you'll want to check out our 1/16"-kerf 10" Laser Thin Kerf Combination Table Saw Blade. The Laser Thin-Kerf saw blade removes a sliver-thin amount of material (1/16") and makes quick work of ripping and crosscutting in hardwood, softwood, composites and plastics. At half the thickness of a standard-kerf blade, the Laser Thin-Kerf requires less power, cuts cleaner and leaves a super-smooth finish.

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