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Jointer Knives and Planer Knives

Infinity Cutting Tools is proud to offer exclusive replacement woodworking jointer and planer knives to keep your jointer and planer cutting cleanly for the best results. We offer high quality high-speed steel (HSS) and carbide-tipped replacement planer knives and jointer knives for all makes and models of planer and jointers including the DeWalt DW734 and DeWalt DW735 portable benchtop planers.

High-Speed Steel Planer Knives and Jointer Knives

Each high-speed steel planer knife and jointer knife is designed to provide extended life between sharpenings and is made with quality as our first priority. Our planer knives and jointer knives are forged from a premium grade of European D2 High Speed Tool Steel which is produced in the famed Bohler Steel Mill in Austria. We specify a Rockwell hardness of 60 HRC to maximize abrasion resistance, increase the steel's ability to hold a cutting edge, and improve its resistance to deformation at elevated temperatures.

But using ultra-premium material is just the beginning. The production process we use for our jointer knives and planer knives sets us apart. We temper this special steel in a three-chamber vacuum furnace and then oil-quench it to form a perfectly uniform planer knife or jointer knife with added toughness & shock resistance. This exclusive process is more costly than inferior methods but it optimizes stress reduction and increases the longevity of each planer knife and jointer knife we produce. Finally, we precision grind each knife to a razor finish to ensure you get a perfect cut.

Carbide-Tipped Jointer Knives and Planer Knives

Infinity Cutting Tools is proud to offer exclusive carbide-tipped planer and jointer knives that will last approximately 10 times longer than our premium HSS planer knives and jointer knives. Our carbide-tipped knives feature high-grade micrograin carbide that has been permanently bonded to a rugged steel body. This steel and carbide combination on each planer knife and jointer knife results is super-durable and able to withstand the high-speed stresses inside your jointer or planer far better than any other brand of blade out there. Since you won't have to sharpen these knives nearly as frequently as HSS knives, the time savings alone will be significant.