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Carbide Tipped Knives For DeWalt 735 Planer - 3-Pc.

Carbide Tipped Knives For DeWalt 735 Planer - 3-Pc.

Item Number: CPJK-041

Regular Price: $249.90

Now only: $229.90

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Our carbide tipped replacement knives for your DeWalt 735 last up to 10x longer than the original manufacturer's blades!



Upgrade Your DeWalt 735 Planer With Our Award-Winning Carbide Tipped Knives!

Our carbide-tipped planer knives for your DeWalt 735 will last up to 10x longer than any High Speed Steel (HSS) knives on the market. They will transform your DeWalt 735 planer from a light-duty machine into a serious production planer. They have one ground edge and are made from a special micrograin carbide tip that is brazed to a rugged steel body. Installation is exactly like the stock knives and takes only minutes. These carbide-tipped planer knives are designed to cut hardwood, softwood and very abrasive wood like Teak and Cherry that would quickly dull your steel knives.

The math is very simple; our carbide replacement knives for your DeWalt 735 planer cost 3x more than the steel knives but last about 10x longer. Most importantly, they provide the extra durability and extended cutting life you'll need in the shop or on the job site.

Tech Specs

Features Include:

  • Price is for a set of three knives.
  • They measure 13" (A) x 7/8" (B) x 3/32" (C).
  • Cost 3x more than the HSS knives but last 10x longer.
  • Installation takes minutes.
  • Finish quality is glass-smooth, no ridges or uneven surfaces like with spiral head cutters.
  • Can be very lightly resharpened one time.



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We are in a 55 plus subdivision and have a woodworking shop. People tent to(even though we ask them not to) run glued pieces through the Dewalt thickness planer. This often takes a bite out of the OEM knives. Do you have experience with how your knives would handle this?
I have planer knives from my old DeWalt 733 2 knive, planer which is broken. WiIl they fit in the new DeWalt 735 which is a 3 knive planer?
Are these carbide blades double edged?