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Mega Flush Trim Compression Router Bits

The Infinity Tools Mega Flush Trim router bits are the perfect upgrade anytime your project calls for a traditional flush trim or double pattern bearing router bit.

Note: These bits require a variable speed router. Max RPM for both 3/4" diameter bits is 18,000 RPM. (06-692, 06-693) Max RPM for both 1-1/2" diameter Bits is 16,000 RPM. (06-694, 06-695)

All types of woodworking require the use of flush trimming router bits. Everything from tables, chairs and electric guitars all can require the use of templates and flush trimming router bits to get the job done right.  The biggest issue with plain-Jane flush trim router bits is that they have some difficulty producing great cuts when routing thick stock, delicate veneers, and figured hardwood. This comes down mainly to their limited diameter and lack of spiral cutting geometry. We took those shortcomings and eliminated them when we designed our new Mega Flush Trim Router Bit family. Keep reading to discover how they produce the cleanest possible cuts in gnarly material; thick, thin and everything in between. 

What you need to know about the Infinity Tools  Mega Flush Trim router bits is that they are big, they come in four different sizes, and all of them have 1/2" shanks. They also come with top and bottom guide bearings so that you can flip your work piece without removing the template. This handy feature makes is easy to fight reversing grain pattern when routing curves or unruly stock.

All Mega Flush Trim router bits come with 1/2" shanks and double pattern bearings.

So Why Are They The Best? 

We could get into our stringent quality standards or how we only use the most premium materials to make these tools but that wouldn't make them any different that our entire range of Infinity Tools router bits. Instead, let's focus on the one defining characteristic of each of our new flush trim router bits, our exclusive 2+2 compression (up/down cut) geometry. The up/down cut geometry is very important for flush trimming because it creates a shearing action that pulls the material from the surface of the board to the center and greatly reduces the chance of tearout.  If you are trimming the edge of a veneered table-top these route bits will act like a pair of scissors rather than an axe, perfect when trimming these delicate materials.

Exclusive 2+2 compression design, glass smooth cuts only possible with our Mega Flush Trim bits. Even in reverse grain the Mega Flush Trim router bits do a great job of reducing tear out.

Lots Of New Bits But Which One(s) To Choose?

Item 06-692 is the smallest in the mega flush trim family and has a 3/4" cutting diameter with a 1-1/4" cutter height. This router bit is a great choice for stock up to 5/4 thick. It is right at home in the handheld router as well as a router table. With its aggressive shear angles it is also an excellent choice for trimming veneers or other laminates, and can handle figured woods with ease.

The 3/4" Diameter Mega Flush Trim Router Bits are available with either 1-1/4" or 2" cutter height.

Item 06-693 or "Slim" (bit above on right) as we like to call it, has a 3/4" cutting diameter and a 2" cutter height. This router bit is excellent for routing stock up to 8/4 thick. Thanks to it's 2+2 shear design and 2" cutter height this bit can handle some serious work,  hand held or table mounted.

Now let's talk about the big boys. Item 06-694 has a massive 1-1/2"cutting diameter and a 1-1/4" cutter height. This router bit is perfect for stock up to 5/4 thick with high figure, reversing grain directions, or when routing large curves. Because of its large diameter we recommend reserving this guy for use in your router table only and running it at a maximum of 18,000 RPM.

Monster 1-1/2" Mega Flush Trim router bits available in 1-1/4" or 2" cutter height are perfect for use in your router table.

Last but certainly not least, item 06-695 has a 1-1/2" cutting diameter and a full 2" cutting height. It is ideal for stock up to 8/4 thick with high figure, reversing grain directions, or when routing curves. To take advantage of the compression affect of the 2+2 cutter geometry we recommend this bit for stock from 5/4" to 8/4" thick when following a template. The 06-695 is an ideal choice when using your router table as a joiner. Did we mention you won't find a sweeter cutting router bit in world? Yeah, I thought we covered that.

The 2+2 cutter geometer means all Mega Flush Trim router bits have 4 carbide cutters that produce a compression shearing action for super smooth cuts.

In case you were still wondering why the diameter of the router bit makes a difference, the answer is the "angle of attack." By increasing the diameter of the bit we improve the cutting action and the result is a cleaner cut with less chance for tear out, even when  routing into the grain or when routing highly figured woods. This is one reason shapers and shaper cutters are popular among professional woodworkers. Combine the larger diameter of these router bits with the 2+2 cutter shearing action and you have a bit that can route with and against the grain often without the need to flip the workpiece over or re-position the template.

Bottom and top bearings allow the template to be positioned above or below the workpiece

If you were paying attention earlier you will have noticed that the Mega Flush trim router bits come with "double bearings", a bearing both above and below the cutter. This allows you to attach your template to your workpiece and never have to remove or re position it, even in the most extreme situations. By flipping the project and adjusting the bit to use the other bearing you are effectively reversing the grain direction so that you are always routing with the grain eliminating the chances of ruining a piece because of tearout.

Even in extreme situations Mega Flush Trim router bits do an excellent job at removing stock and eliminating tearout. Item 06-695 shown.

While we always recommend removing as much of the waste with a bandsaw, jigsaw, or other tool, sometimes this is just not possible. This is where the 1-1/2" diameter Mega Flush Trim router bits really shine. Because of its size and the improved angle of attack, it is capable of hogging off more material than would ever be possible with a smaller diameter router bit and still produce beautifully clean results. In any situation we never recommend trying to remove more than half the diameter of the bit in a single pass.

The 4 piece Mega Flush Trim router bit set is a great way to get all of these must-have bits at a great price. Item 00-694

To make it easy to choose, we sell all four of the Mega Flush Trim router bits in a money saving 4 piece set 00-694 as well as individually. The 4 piece set insures you will be ready no matter what project comes up.

We let the shaving that the mega flush Trim bits Make speak for themselves.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well any cutting tool actually cuts. Our exclusive 2+2 compression geometry is a game-changing feature and lets our Mega flush trim bits cut like a dream. The shavings they produce are not only beautiful but are indicative of a quality cut that is simply not possible with a straight flute router bit.  Check out the shavings in the picture above, we think they speak for themselves.

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