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11-Pc. Slot Cutter Master Set
11-Pc. Slot Cutter Master Set
11-Pc. Slot Cutter Master Set
11-Pc. Slot Cutter Master Set
11-Pc. Slot Cutter Master Set

11-Pc. Slot Cutter Master Set



Our 11-pc. Slot Cutter Master Set is one of the most versatile router bit sets that turn your router into a multipurpose joinery machine. With this set, you can rout a variety of joints from dadoes and grooves to tongues, tenons, and rabbets. Get perfect-fitting tongue-and-groove joints every time. The included bearings allow you to create slots to accommodate three sizes of biscuits for biscuit joinery. The three-wing, extra thick cutters mean faster, smoother cuts in a wide range of materials. We use micro-grain carbide for sharper cutting edges that last longer. We've priced this set to make it a tremendous value and must-have addition to your router bit collection.

Features Include:

  • Three-wing cutters for smoother, safer cuts
  • Micro-grain carbide for sharper, longer-lasting cutting edges
  • Two arbors
  • Four Slot Cutters
  • Three bearings

Uses in the Shop:

  • Tongue & Dado Joints
  • Tenons & Grooves
  • Dadoes
  • Biscuit Joinery
  • >

Individual items included in the
11-Pc. Slot Cutter Master Set:

Qty Item Description
1 24-127 1/2" Shank Short Arbor
1 24-128 1/2" Shank Long Arbor
2 23-140 1/4" Kerf Slot Cutters
1 23-316 3/16" Kerf Slot Cutter
1 23-532 5/32" Kerf Slot Cutter
1 23-180 1/8" Kerf Slot Cutter
2 BR-105 5/16" x 7/8" Bearing
1 BR-116 5/16" x 1-1/8" Bearing
1 BR-117 5/16" x 1-1/4" Bearing

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11-Pc. Slot Cutter Master Set

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Regular Price: $111.20

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