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22-Pc. SoftWax Wood Filler Kit w/ Custom Tray
22-Pc. SoftWax Wood Filler Kit w/ Custom Tray
22-Pc. SoftWax Wood Filler Kit w/ Custom Tray

22-Pc. SoftWax Wood Filler Kit w/ Custom Tray

Item Number: 101-536
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SoftWax is a great way to fill holes in finished woodwork - very easy to use and you'll never know the hole was there!



The FastCap 22-Pc. SoftWax Wood Filler kit is a great way to fill nail holes in finished woodwork. The innovative holding tray lets you get all the colors up close to your project and allows you to perfectly match your finished work piece. Each of the 20 wax colors are conveniently numbered and labeled for fast identification. Used as a "post" finish filler (use after finish is applied and not before) you can also mix colors to get the perfect match for your project.

To use, simply find your perfect wax color match and rub vigorously until a 'base' color of wax has filled the hole. Then you take the included red 'wax wedge' and scrape off any excess wax. The wedge won't mar your workpiece and gets all the wax flush with your work surface. The last step is take the included 'buffing pad' and buff out any remaining wax that may still be sitting proud of your work surface. Now have a look at your color match, is it to your liking? If not, use another color and mix in more wax until you get the exact match you need. 



Tech Specs

Included in the set:

  • WAX01S
  • WAX02S 
  • WAX03S 
  • WAX04S 
  • WAX05S 
  • WAX06S 
  • WAX07S 
  • WAX08S 
  • WAX09S 
  • WAX10S 
  • WAX11S-R 
  • WAX12S-G 
  • WAX13S-Y 
  • WAX14S 
  • WAX15S 
  • WAX16S 
  • WAX17S
  • WAX18S 
  • WAX19S 
  • WAX20S 
  • Wax Wedge 
  • Buffing Pad

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