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Smoothing Hand Plane
Smoothing Hand Plane
Smoothing Hand Plane
Smoothing Hand Plane
Smoothing Hand Plane
Smoothing Hand Plane
Smoothing Hand Plane

Smoothing Hand Plane



For the Smoothest Surface before Applying Finish!

The smoothing plane is the final finishing step to get a glass-smooth surface. Designed to take whisper-thin shavings after the surface has been planed with a jack or jointer plane.

The smoothing plane is designed according to the specifications and requirements of leading joinery masters. The body is made from beech with a hornbeam sole.

The design of both the Jack Plane and the Smoothing Plane is the same, the difference lies in the seating of the blade angle. For the Jack Plane the angle is 45°, whereas the blade angle of the Smoothing Plane is seated at a steeper 49°. This helps prevent tearout on woods with difficult grain patterns.

The Smoothing Plane is equipped with a steel alloy 48mm-wide (1.9") blade with a chipbreaker. The blade´s hardness (58HRC) is carefully checked and the resistance of the edge is greater than a standard blade.

This traditional-style plane uses a wedge to secure the blade. The blade projection, angle, and wedge tightness are adjusted with light taps using a mallet. To remove the bade for sharpening, simply tap the back of the plane's body with a mallet while securing the blade with your opposite hand. We recommend our 101-757 or 101-758 Delrin-tipped brass mallet.

Blade may require initial flattening of the back and honing before use.

220 x 65 x 130mm (8.7" x 3.6" x 5.1"). Made for us by a European company that has been making hand tools for over 100 years.

Blades are made of steel alloy CrV hardened and tempered to 58HRC. They are coated with oil and delivered in shrink wrap. The durability and sharpness of the blades are significantly extended as a result.

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