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5-Pc. Sharpener's Master Set w/ Diamond & Water Stones
5-Pc. Sharpener's Master Set w/ Diamond & Water Stones
5-Pc. Sharpener's Master Set w/ Diamond & Water Stones

5-Pc. Sharpener's Master Set w/ Diamond & Water Stones

Item Number: 101-448

Regular Price: $219.80

Now only: $199.90

The ultimate tool sharpening kit; you get exactly what you need and nothing you don't.



Get Razor-Sharp Edges in Less Time With Our Exclusive Pro Sharpening Kit!

Our exclusive 5-Pc. Sharpener's Master Set gives you the tools you need to put a mirror finish on all of your prized hand tools. Hand-selected by our in-house woodworking professionals to be the most efficient and cost-effective solution for sharpening.

Our unique package combines the best of both diamond and waterstones for any sharpening task. This custom set includes one premium-quality DMT Coarse / Extra Coarse diamond stone for repairing very dull or damaged tools. The DMT stone also works great to flatten waterstones.

The Norton 1000 / 4000-grit combination waterstone quickly and easily creates a super sharp edge.

Also included in the package is a DMT diamond paste kit. The DMT Dia-Paste kit is an important part of this package and allows you to polish and strop to give you the keenest edge possible.

A great value for all your sharpening needs.

Feature's include:

  • Coarse / Extra Coarse diamond stone to repair damaged cutting edges and flatten waterstones
  • Norton water stone to sharpen your tools faster
  • DMT diamond paste for polishing cutting edges to a mirror finish with three progressive grits
  • Great for sharpening kitchen knives and other household utensils
  • Perfect for sharpening both traditional and modern steels

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