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Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro 48"
Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro 48"
Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro 48"

Woodpeckers Story Stick Pro 48"

Item Number: 100-020
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Increase accuracy and cut project layout time in half with Woodpeckers new Story Stick Pro!



Make Accurate Marks On Multiple Boards Quickly & Easily!

Woodpeckers new Story Stick Pro features many improvements as compared to the original Story Stick. The Story Stick Pro has both a standard and center scale on the top surface making it easier to read. It also now features clear double tabs. The double tabs extend out from both edges of the track thus creating a mirror image of your setup. Now you can set up the Story Stick Pro once and use it from both edges of the board or both sides of a cabinet without having to reconfigure the tabs. The mirroring feature makes marking a cabinet for hinges, hardware or drawer slides very easy. Simply set the tabs to your desired dimensions, snug the knobs and you're good to go. Use opposite sides of the tabs to mark opposite sides of the cabinet. This approach guarantees that both sides will be the same.

The Story Stick Pro supports a number of new accessories, the first of which are caliper arms. Caliper arms allow you to quickly create a physical “stick” to use as a cut-to reference. The arms are offset to the inside from one direction and the outside from the other. The inside offset is used for the inside measurements and the outside offset for outside measurements. Say you want to put a perfectly fitting shelf between two cabinet sides; simply adjust the arms until they contact the sides, lock them in place and use that physical example to set your saw fence that distance from the blade. The same approach can be used for cutting a lid to the exact size of a box. It's not uncommon to use an existing part to cut more of the same size. That's exactly what the Story Stick Pro with Caliper Arms does for you, only faster and more accurately. The new Story Stick Pro includes (4) tabs and (1) stop. Caliper arms sold separately.

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