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3-Pc. Machine Digital Setup Package
3-Pc. Machine Digital Setup Package
3-Pc. Machine Digital Setup Package
3-Pc. Machine Digital Setup Package
3-Pc. Machine Digital Setup Package
3-Pc. Machine Digital Setup Package
3-Pc. Machine Digital Setup Package

3-Pc. Machine Digital Setup Package

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Get the most from your woodworking machines with these handy measuring tools.



Our 3-Pc. Machine Setup Package Keeps Your Shop Tools Running Their Best!

It would be easy to ignore proper machine maintenance and setup. After all, who has the time to check for runout on their tablesaw, router, planer, shaper, jointer and drill press? And even if you did have the time, who's got the precision measuring tools? And you'd be right to think like that if it wasn't for the fact that proper tool setup makes a huge difference in the quality of your work, not to mention safety in your shop. Our 3-Pc. Machine Setup Package gives you all you need to get your shop machines running right. We use these tools for everything from tablesaw blade and fence alignment (a major reason your blades aren't performing as well as they should be) to setup of planer and jointer knives.

The heart of the system is a precision digital indicator that takes accurate measurements to within .001" and displays decimals, fractional inches and metric. It's large and easy to read LCD display won't put stress on your eyes and makes fine tuning your machines fast and easy. Also in the kit is a strong magnetic base with an articulating arm and pivot-joint. Attach the digital indicator to this arm and check setup in even the trickiest of spots. The precision 6" miter bar features strong magnets and expansion anvils for a prefect fit in any standard 3/4"x 3/8" miter channel. Slide the bar into the miter slot on your table saw and quickly get the precision you need to insure a perfect cut. Measure the distance from your fence to your blade in multiple points along the channel to make sure your fence is not causing your stock to pinch and burn.

This 3-Pc. package includes the following:

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Hello, is it possible to just purchase the miter bar and extension arm? I already have a gauge and base. I cannot find the other pieces anywhere
Does this kit come with a carry case?