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Boeshield Rust Free, 1 Gallon

Boeshield Rust Free, 1 Gallon

Item Number: 101-423
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Enjoy massive savings per ounce when you buy in bulk! Removes rust from cast iron machine tops and your most valuable tools.



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Boeshield Rust Remover - Massage Your Tools Back To Good Heatlh

With proper maintenance a good tool can outlive its owner, but rust and staining can become malignant if left unatended. Stock up! The new One-Gallon Boeshield Rust and Stain Remover is what you need to keep your tools working hard for decades to come, and they'll reward your diligence every working day along the way.

This is the ideal solution for removing rust and stains from cast iron surfaces. Just apply it to a clean rag and wipe away! Do you have an older tool that's got a bit more rust built up? Bring it back to life by wetting the metal's surface and allowing it to penetrate for 30 seconds, followed by scrubbing with an abrasive pad before wiping the surface clean.

Use the Boeshield Rust Remover in conjunction with Boeshield Blade and Bit Cleaner and the Boeshield T-9 Corrosion Protection and Waterproof Lubrication products to run a professional-grade shop on a hobbyist's budget.

Features Include:

  • New One-Gallon size will save you trips to the store
  • HUGE SAVINGS per ounce when compared to smaller quantities
  • Ecologically responsible - Non-Toxic, Biodegradeable, Non-Flammable formulation

Uses in your shop:

  • Bring dulling tools back to life!
  • Removes rust and stains from your most valuable tools:
    • Saw Blades
    • Router Bits
    • Drill Bits
    • Knives
    • Planer Blades
    • Tool Tops

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