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Bessey WS-3 Angle Clamp
Bessey WS-3 Angle Clamp
Bessey WS-3 Angle Clamp

Bessey WS-3 Angle Clamp

Item Number: 100-582
Suffer no more 90 degree headaches with this rock-solid angle clamp



Bessey WS-3 Angle Clamp

Whether you're making boxes, picture frames, or fish tanks, the Bessey WS-3 Angle Clamp is there to lend a strong helping hand where you need it most. Able to securely hold your work pieces at an exacting 90° angle, this clamp is deal for making T-joints and mitered corners. Made from solid steel, this clamp can take the pressure and hold it there while the two included C-clamps keep the entire unit securely affixed to your work bench.

With a 1-3/16" (30mm) maximum passage for T-joints and able to accommodate stock up to 2-3/16" (55mm) thick on each side, this Bessey WS-3 Angle Clamp is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever been frustrated while trying to assemble or screw a T-joint or miter joint.

Features Include:

  • Solid steel body with two additional C-clamps to secure the whole unit to your table top or workbench
  • Able to hold wood of varying thicknesses at exactly 90°
  • Perfect for making T-joints and angled miter corners
  • Opening accommodates up to 2-3/16" (55mm) per side
  • 1-3/16" (30mm) maximum passage for T-joints

Uses in your shop:

  • Hold wood of varying thicknesses firmly at exactly 90°
  • Keep keep your hands free for drilling into t-joints
  • Fit mitered corners together with ease

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