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PRO-GRIP Side-by-Side Adaptor Kit
PRO-GRIP Side-by-Side Adaptor Kit

PRO-GRIP Side-by-Side Adaptor Kit

Item Number: 100-509
This side-by-side adapter kit will connect four PROGRIP straight edge clamps.



Stay Put With These Side-By-Side Clamp Accessories

When it comes time to put your wood firmly in its place, you can trust our Side-to-Side Adapter Kit for your PRO-Grip Straight Edge Clamps. Compared with our Back-to-Back Adapter Kit, this item has a low profile, ideal for those jobs when you'll be putting a lot of lateral pressure on the work piece, because twice the amount of the clamp's body is in contact of the surface area surface area of your workbench.

Features Include:

  • A set of side-by-side clamp attachemnts to connect up to four of your existing PRO-Grip Straight Edge Clamps

Uses in your shop:

  • Clamp down wood directly to your work station for gluing, planing, routing, and more!

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