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Titebond Instant Bond Thin CA Adhesive, 2 oz.

Titebond Instant Bond Thin CA Adhesive, 2 oz.

Item Number: 101-540
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To make quick repairs on a wide range of materials, you'll find this fast setting 2 oz. bottle of thin CA adhesive very handy.



Titebond Instant Bond Thin CA Adhesive

When you absolutely, positively need to stick two things to each other in a hurry, Titebond Instant Bond Thin CA Adhesive is here. Perfect for small, difficult to clamp items, this cyanoacrylate (CA) adhesive sets completely within five seconds and is fully cured in eight. Used often for small repairs around the house, wood turners especially find the Titebond Instant Bond Thin formulation useful for assembling pens and repairing checked or split blanks.

The thin consistency of this adhesive makes it easy to work with as no brushing is required; just squeeze it onto your surface and join the two pieces together for an instant, permanent bond.

Features Include:

  • Five second set time
  • Three second cure time for a permanent bond
  • Thin viscosity doesn't require brushing
  • 2 oz. bottle

Uses in your shop:

  • Small repairs in difficult to clamp places on a wide range of materials
  • Woodturners love it for assembling components for pens

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I'm wondering if Titebond ca adhesive would be good for gluing small pieces of
inlays in to the pocket ( negative ) I'm looking to speed up the drying time.