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Having the proper table saw blade or miter saw blade on hand and using it for it's intended cutting task is crucial for quality, professional results in the woodworking shop. Taking the time to switch out the blade, depending on the task, is worth the effort and the results are apparent in your finished project.

Infinity Cutting Tools has put together a wide range of value-packed saw blade packages of our most popular blades. Whether you're a weekend woodworker, professional cabinetmaker, or jack of all trades, there's a money-saving saw blade package that will suit your needs.

Our saw blade packages include table saw blades for ripping and crosscutting, as well as combination blades. There are packages that include the most useful blades for your table saw and miter saw. Some packages include our famous Dadonator stacked dado blade for the ultimate upgrade to your table saw. Some specialized packages include our Flat-Top saw blades for making a variety of joinery cuts.

Table Saw Blade Packages

Our most popular table saw blade packages include our 2-pc. Essential Saw Blade Package and the companion thin-kerf version.

Dado Saw Blade Packages

Knowing how critical a dado blade is to increasing your shop's creativity and productivity, we've incorporated our Dadonator stacked dado blade into a number of saw blade packages. These include our 3-Pc. Contractor's Dadonator Jr. Plus Package and 4-Pc. Ultimate Table Saw Blade Package. We also offer a 2-Pc. Dadonator + Super-General Saw Blade Package package that includes our premium combination table saw blade. Finally, our 3-Pc. Cabinetmaker's Dadonator Saw Blade Package is our best option for the woodworker who wants to build his or her own cabinetry.

Thick-Kerf Table Saw Blade Packages

Infinity Cutting Tools offers unique thick-kerf saw blades for creating a broad variety of joints cleanly and efficiently. We've put together three packages to satisfy any woodworker's need for making tenons, grooves, dadoes, rabbets, half-lap joints, and many more joinery options. Our 4pc. Thick Kerf Flat-Top Saw Blade Package offers the most flexibility. We also offer two different 3-pc. Thick-Kerf Flat-Top Saw Blade Packages. One thick-kerf package includes a 5/32" and 1/4"-kerf blade with shims. The other thick-kerf package includes two 1/4"-kerf blades plus shims.

Table Saw & Miter Saw Blade Packages

We understand that a miter saw is an integral part of your shop's workflow. You want a top-notch miter saw blade that delivers the ultimate cutting performance. That's why we've developed our 3-Pc. Super 10" Table Saw & Miter Saw Blade Package and 3-Pc. Super 10" + 12" Saw Blade Package. You get our best crosscutting and ripping table saw blades along with a premium saw blade for your miter saw.