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Dado Saw Blades

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A dado saw blade is the number one table saw accessory recommended by professional woodworkers. With a dado blade, you can create a wide range of joinery options for your woodworking projects. Besides cutting dadoes and grooves, you can use a dado blade to make rabbet joints, tongue and groove joinery, and tenons, just to name a few.

Dadonator Stacked Dado Saw Blade Sets

Our Dadonator dado saw blade set the standard for quality and long life. You won't find a better-cutting dado blade that provides the quality of cut as our Dadonator stacked dado saw blades.

Dadonator Jr. - 6" Stacked Dado Saw Blade Set

Our 6" Dadonator Stacked Saw Blade provides all of the same features as our 8" Dadonator. The maximum depth of cut is 1-1/4" which is more than enough for most woodworking dado and joinery applications. The smaller size means the assembled dado stack is lighter and therefore puts less strain on your table saw's motor.

Dadonator - 8" Stacked Dado Saw Blade Set

The 8" Dadonator Stacked Dado Blade is the professional's choice when a full-size, 8" dado stack is required. The maximum depth of cut of just over 2" and additional mass powers through deep cuts with ease..

3-Pc. Cabinetmaker's Dadonator Saw Blade Package

For cabinetmakers and woodworkers building projects with sheet goods like melamine or veneered plywood, we offer a 3-pc. Cabinetmaker's Dadonator Saw Blade Package. This set includes our Combo-Max combination table saw blade, 80-tooth Ultra-Smooth saw blade, and our 8" Dadonator stacked dado blade. It's the perfect combination for smooth, chip-free cuts in all of your cabinetmaking projects.

Dado Saw Blade Shims, Measuring Gauge, and Storage Case

Besides offering the best dado blades on the market, Infinity Cutting Tools offers a number of accessories to help you get the most out of your dado blade. The 6-Pc. Shim Set For 6" or 8" Stacked Dado Blades works with any stacked dado saw blade set to precisely set the width of the dado.

Our Infinity Dado Measuring Gauge is perfect for checking stock thickness and setting the proper width of the dado blade for a perfect, gap free joint.

Properly storing a stacked dado blade to prevent damage can be problematic. We offer a Wood Case For 6" & 8" Stacked Dado Blades that comes in handy for storing and protecting your dado blade investment.

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