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Table Saw Blades

Table Saw Blades – Table Saw – Sawing

The centerpiece of almost every woodworking shop is the table saw. Infinity Cutting Tools provides the best table saw blades for getting the best cuts and performance from this shop workhorse.

Ripping Saw Blades

Our ripping saw blades are optimized to provide the cleanest, most efficient cuts when ripping hardwood.

Crosscutting Saw Blades

The crosscutting saw blades we offer are among the best in the industry. You’ll get the smoothest cross-grain cuts in hardwood and sheet goods like veneered plywood and melamine. Our multi-material blade is designed to cut difficult materials such as non-ferrous metals, plastic, and aluminum in addition to wood.

Combination Saw Blades

Combination saw blades are the go-to table saw blade for the majority of table saw cuts. You can’t go wrong with our Super General or Combo-Max combination saw blades. They excel at both crosscutting and ripping as well as making clean cuts on sheet goods. Our Laser thin-kerf saw blade minimizes waste while providing exceptional cut quality.

Dado Saw Blades

Infinity Cutting Tools offers their Dadonator Dado Saw Blades for professional results every time. For perfectly square, flat-bottom dadoes, the Infinity Dadonator stacked dado saw blade can’t be beat.

Flat-Top Saw Blades

Cutting perfectly square grooves for joinery and other applications is a whole lot easier with our Thick-Kerf Flat-Top Saw Blades. Our 5/32”-kerf and ¼”-kerf saw blades can be used individually or together to make cuts in four different widths. They’re perfect for cutting grooves for plywood or creating joinery like rabbets and box joints.

Saw Blade Packages

For the ultimate table saw upgrade, check out any of our money-saving saw blade packages. We offer the most popular combinations in value-packed sets to make your shop more productive. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 7428 ratings and reviews