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JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides
JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides

JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides

Item Number: TSF-SG1
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A must-have woodworking aid that improves safety and produces cleaner and more precise cuts on your tablesaw.
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Hands Down: JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides

When it comes to table saw safety, you simply cannot beat this set of Clear Cut Stock Guides for your Tablesaw. JessEm Tool Company has engineered the most effective method for guiding wood through a table saw cut that we've seen in a long time. The two roller guides are cocked at a five degree angle toward your table saw's fence, which makes maintaining side pressure during a cut easier than ever and greatly reduces the chance of a painful kickback. They also do the work of holding down your piece, so you don't have to lose focus on where your hands are at any given moment. Large boards or panels can now be handleded with greater control than ever before.

These guides are CNC machined from billet aluminum before being anodized for long life and durability. Setting up the guides on your table saw's fence is straightforward as it is, but JessEm even went so far as to included a drill bit specifically for the task of attaching the guide mounting rack to the top of your fence. When you don't need them, the guides can be moved out of the way or removed and mounted to another tool with a standard T-track.

Do your tablesaw and yourself a favor and pick up a set of these JessEm Clear Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides.

Features Include:

  • All materials required for mounting to your existing table saw fence
  • 3-1/8" total vertical travel to acommodate a maximum stock thickness of 13/16" above the mounting surface
  • Fully adjustable and removable
  • Five degree offset roller angle keeps side pressure of workpieces against the fence as well as maintaining down pressure

Uses in your shop:

  • Keep control of wide boards and sheets during cutting operations.
  • Help prevent kickback by maintaining downward and side pressure on workpieces

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Will this fit on a shopsmith?
Do you have to replace your table saw measurement tape since your fence is now thicker?
Will the stock guides for the table saw fit a Bosch 4100-09?
I have a jet 10 inch table saw with an Xacta II micro adjust fence will this fit as is or will I need to make some modifications?
Hi I want to buy the Jessem Clear Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides, I have the Incra LS Table Saw Fence. Do you have the following.
JessEm 04311 Delta Unifence Mounting Kit for Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides

Regards Gary
Dear Sir,
I will like to know if the Clear Cut stoke guides could be used in a Incra fence
Will this fit on a Delta 36-L536?
I have a Skilsaw SPT99. The fence has a t-slot that runs the entire length of the fence. The base of the track will accommodate a t-bolt with a .875ā€¯width across flat side of the t-bolt. Questions: 1: Will the t-bolts for the table saw stock guides would in this track? 2: What are the dimensions of the track included with the stock guides (length, width, size of the t-bolt that can be accommodated?)
I have an incra tablesaw fence
Q. JessEm will work on my tablesaw

I've misplaced the mounting bar and screws for the guides I ordered. can I order the replacement parts?
How thin of a rip against the fence can these be used on? 1/4"?
Will these table saw stock guides meet OSHA requirements for antikickback paws?
I have a Ridgid ts3660 with a 2" wide fence. Will the JessEm Clear-Cut Tablesaw Stock Guides work with this fence?
Will the JessEm stock guide fit on a DeWalt 749 contractor saw?
Will the mounting bracket be compatible with my Vega Utilty fence on my 10 inch Delta Contractor Saw , circa mid 1980s ?