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165mm x 48T x 20mm Bore Track Master Saw Blade
165mm x 48T x 20mm Bore Track Master Saw Blade
165mm x 48T x 20mm Bore Track Master Saw Blade
165mm x 48T x 20mm Bore Track Master Saw Blade
165mm x 48T x 20mm Bore Track Master Saw Blade

165mm x 48T x 20mm Bore Track Master Saw Blade

Item Number: 007-005
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165mm x 48T x 20mm Bore - Get this Track Master Saw Blade to upgrade your Triton, DeWalt, or Makita track saw
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Infinity's 165mm Track Master Saw Blade

Every woodworker knows that a saw is only as good as the blade inside it. So if you're running anything less than an Infinity Cutting Tools Track Master Blade in your track saw, then you're not cutting as well as you could be. Here are three reasons to upgrade your track saw with an Infinity Cutting Tools Track Master Blade:

  1. These 48 tooth blades are engineered to have a high degree Alternate Top Bevel (ATB). This new angle on the knife-like cutting edge is not only going to give you an amazingly smooth cut on laminate materials and cross cutting applications, it's also going to prolong the life of your blade by giving you more carbide to work with when you send it out for sharpening.
  2. We use the hardest C4 micrograin carbide avilable for the teeth of these Track Master blades, which last an average of ten times longer than conventional saw blade teeth. That hardness is necessary when you consider the kind of work you'll be doing with your track saw. Plywood laminates and other sheet goods are held together with all manner of glues and resins which can quickly dull a lesser grade of carbide tooth.
  3. Infinity Cutting Tools Track Master blades are constructed by the same manufacturing process that has created our entire line of award-winning table saw and miter saw blades. From the laser cutting process on our hot-rolled steel, to the special induction brazing of our teeth, each and every blade is a work of industrial art.

This 165mm Track Master Blade is sized to fit the following brands of Track Saw:

  • Triton
  • DeWalt
  • Makita

Have a Festool, Grizzly, or Shop Fox brand of Track Saw? Then you need a (007-001) 160mm Track Master Blade.

Features Include:

  • Nickel Armor coating for extreme lubricity and durability
  • Accurate laser cut expansion slots reduce distortion for cleaner cuts
  • Anti-harmonic slots reduce vibration for longer tooth life
  • Precision geometry featuring specialized Alternate Top Bevel for chip-free cuts, even in veneered plywood and synthetic laminates
  • Ultra-smooth cuts and extended life when cutting delicate materials typically prone to chip-out
  • Hot-Rolled steel body does not deform like inferior cold-rolled steel used in lesser quality blades
  • Extra thick C4 Micro-Grain carbide tips last longer and take a sharper edge than the competition

Uses in your shop:

  • Upgrade your Triton, DeWalt, or Makita track saw with a blade specifically designed to do the work you need done.

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