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Miter Saw Blades

Miter Saw Blades - Miter Saw - Sawing

A miter saw (or "chop saw") in the shop is useful for a variety of crosscutting tasks. From rough-cutting stock to length, cutting trim and molding for shop and household projects, or building decks, the miter saw is the go-to tool.

It makes sense then, to invest in a miter saw blade specifically designed for the unique requirements and cutting action of a miter saw. Our miter saw blades will provide glass-smooth, splinter-free cuts in a variety of materials.

10" & 12" Miter-Max Miter Saw Blades

Infinity 10" miter saw blades and 12" miter saw blades are up to the task. The negative hook angle of each micro-grain carbide tooth keeps the workpiece from lifting while delivering a slicing action through the workpiece for a smooth cut.

3-Pc. Super 10" Table Saw & Miter Saw Blade Package

Knowing that the miter saw works in tandem with your table saw, we've put together a package of 10" blades that guarantee perfect cuts every time. Our 3-pc. Super 10" Table Saw & Miter Saw Blade Package includes a 10" Miter-Max miter saw blade. Also included is our 24-tooth Ripper blade for the smoothest rip cuts on your table saw. The 80-tooth Ultra-Smooth table saw blade is the professional's choice for the smoothest crosscuts at the table saw. The Ultra-Smooth blade also delivers chip-free cuts on melamine and veneered plywood.This 3-blade set is the perfect combination of blades for any woodworking shop.

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