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Wood Working Band Saw - Band Saw Blades And Accessories

Besides a table saw, one of the most useful tools you can have in the woodworking shop is a bandsaw. It's versatility is unmatched by any other tool. With a band saw, you can cut curves, free-form shapes, and resaw thicker stock into thin stock. A band saw also excels at ripping stock to width.

Infinity Cutting Tools offers a broad selection of bandsaw blades, including our own Infinity Rip band saw blades for resawing and ripping operations. And our line of bandsaw accessories can upgrade your band saw for the best performance.

Bandsaw Accessories

A bandsaw can be one of the most-neglected tools in the shop. But with a few bandsaw accessories and upgrades, the band saw just might become your go-to tool for a lot of woodworking tasks.

Replacing the stock fence on your band saw with a new fence is an easy upgrade that pays off with immediate benefits resulting in more accurate cuts. We offer a variety of fence options including products from Kreg, Pro-Grip, and Magswitch.

You'll also find other accessories for improving the performance of your bandsaw.

Bandsaw Blades

The most important feature that makes a band saw perform at its best is a sharp, long-lasting bandsaw blade. With our Infinity Rip and Olson bandsaw blades, you can rest assured that you're using the highest-quality blade for for professional results.

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