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3- Pc. Planer's Package for Routers
3- Pc. Planer's Package for Routers
3- Pc. Planer's Package for Routers
3- Pc. Planer's Package for Routers
3- Pc. Planer's Package for Routers

3- Pc. Planer's Package for Routers

Item Number: 115-035

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Everything you need to flatten large wooden slabs for all manner of woodworking projects!



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This package features everything you need to work with a slab flattening router jig. If you have a large wood slab that's too wide to put through your jointer and surface planer, use these tools with your hand-held router and a Slab Flattening Router Jig (PROJECT-002) to accurately flatten and plane it to a working thickness.

Package Includes:

  • One (1) 12" x 12" Large Universal Router Base Plate (item 115-032) - This 12" x 12" universal router base plate is pre-drilled to fit on most hand-held routers. It's made of crystal-clear acrylic and can be drilled and modified to fit any brand of router if the existing hole patterns don't match up, and will glide smoothly in your router jig. See Tech Specs tab for router model compatibility.
  • One (1) Router Collet Extension (item 115-070) - This extension gives your router the reach it will need to pass the large dado router bit through the universal base plate, the slab flattening router jig, and allow you to plane your slab to the correct thickness. Adds up to 2-1/4" reach, fits in any 1/2" router collet.
  • One (1) Mega Dado and Planer Router Bit (item 52-506) - This 2" diameter router bit features four cutting edges with an alternating 2 + 2 positive/negative shear angle for the smoothest cutting action possible. It's made to remove some serious amounts of material from your slab with each pass.

Tech Specs

Infinity Tools Universal Router Baseplates are pre-drilled to fit the following routers:

  • Triton 3-1/4 HP Router, TRA001
  • Triton 2-1/4 HP Dual Mode Plunge Router, MOF001
  • Sears 315.175 040, 050, 060, 070
  • Sears 315.275.000, 100, 110
  • Porter Cable 690 series, 7529, 8529, 894 895 PK, PC8902 / 8931\
  • Bosch 1615/1617(fixed base only)/1618
  • DeWalt 616/618, 6182, 621, 625
  • Milwaukee 5615 / 5616 / 5619
  • Hitachi KM12VC, M8V, Tr12, M12V
  • Makita RP101, 3612C, 3621
  • Elu 177
  • Fein RT-1800
  • Freud FT2000E
  • Ryobi RE180 Plunge Base, R175
  • You can drill mounting holes to fit routers not listed above



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