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Carbide Insert Router Bits

Insert-Pro Router Bit Systems

Performance + Versatility Make This Door Making System Perfect For Your Shop!

Our exclusive Insert Pro door making system combines world class cutting performance with unrivaled versatility, making it perfect for any woodworker. The C.N.C. machined steel body is engineered to accept multiple profile carbide insert knives, allowing you to use your 1/2" shank router and these two bits to make all four raised panel profiles along with all four rail & stile profiles avalible to the Insert Pro System.

Benefits of our Insert-Pro door making router bit system include:

Versatility: This one bit body accepts multiple profile knives so you are not stuck having to buy another router bit to make a different style panel door. Once you own the bit body you need only invest in the different profiles knives (sold separately) as your needs require, saving you hundreds of dollars in tooling cost.

Quality: Since the carbide knives are mechanically affixed to the steel body we avoid the thermal cracking normally associated with brazing harder grades of carbide to steel tools. This distinct advantage allows us to use a much harder and longer lasting carbide knife than would be possible if the tool were brazed. The quality of cut that this bit produces is unlike any other router bit you've used. With aggressive cutting geometry and mirror polished C4 micro-grain carbide tips, this bit produces gorgeous ribbon shaped wood shavings instead of the dust made by inferior cutting tools. This makes final sanding purely optional and in our opinion, not necessary.

Mirror Finish: We grind these carbide knives to a true mirror finish. This superior grind finish produces a slick surface for wood chips to eject faster and resists the resin build-up of inferior quality knives. Not only is the resulting cut incredibly smooth, the time between sharpening is increased by approximately 50% over traditional carbide tools. 

Sharpening: When it comes time to sharpen your knives, take the knife out of the bit body and lay flat with the cutting face up, then take a diamond hone and pass over the face several times to sharpen the knife. This fast and simple method of sharpening will have you up and running again in no time.

Hi-Tech Coating: Each bit body features our exclusive Nickel-Armor coating. Advantages of Nickel coating include wear resistance, hardness and lubricity. This tough and durable coating also extends the life of your tool by preventing rust and reducing pitch and resin build-up. And the tool just looks cool!

Insert-Pro router bit systems are an infinity Cutting Tools specialty. The replaceable carbide knives make these router bits and sets a worthwhile investment.

Our 1-pc. rail and stile cabinet door insert-pro router bit systems are unique in that you can make the rail (coping) cut and stile profile cuts with one router bit.

The Insert-Pro raised panel door router bits work in tandem with the 1-pc. rail and stile cabinet door router bit to create beautiful, raised-panel cabinet doors.

Our exclusive Insert-Pro Cabinet Door Making Router Bit Sets combine our Insert-Pro rail and stile router bit with an Insert-Pro raised panel router bit and setup block in a nice wood case.

Replacement knives for Insert-Pro 1-Pc. rail and stile router bit systems are available in four profiles. These knives fit the router bit body for our Insert-Pro rail and stile router bit.

The replacement knives for Insert-Pro raised panel router bit systems allow you to make raised panels in five different profiles. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 7729 ratings and reviews