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Router Speed Control 15 Amps

Router Speed Control 15 Amps

Item Number: 115-050
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This 15 Amp Router Speed Control can be used to regulate the speed of your router or other compatible woodworking tools.



If you own a fixed speed router then consider purchasing this router speed control. Bits larger than 1" in diameter need to spin slower due to their mass. With our router speed control you can adjust router speed from full to zero without loosing torque. This extra control allows you to have less tear-out, stops burning and allows you to feed your stock at a comfortable rate.

Features a three position speed switch with variable-off-full settings. Comes with six foot power cord and handy clip on the back side. Please note: Not for use with soft start motors. Use only with routers that feature a brush style motor no greater than 3-1/4" H.P. or 115 volts/ 15 AMPS.

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Are current desk fans brushless type motors, so your Router Speed Control 15 Amps
Item Number: 115-050 ....................wont work?
will this shut router down to no r.p.m.
Would this work with a Hitachi TR-12 router, can you adjust speed while the router is running and does it work for an extended period of time(i.e., 30 minutes)?
Will this work on a 1/2 hp mini lath?