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33-Pc. Router Bit Bearing Emergency Kit

33-Pc. Router Bit Bearing Emergency Kit

Item Number: REK-100

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Don't get stuck in the middle of a project without replacement bearings; screws or hex keys.



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33-Piece Router Bit Emergency Kit With Storage Case!

Avoid a router bit 'emergency' with our incredibly useful 32-piece router bit spare parts kit. We've assembled the most common router bit accessories, including hard to find bearings, dust shields, stop collars and hex keys all in this convenient little package. These small parts are critical to keep you going on your project, so don't be caught without them! With this package you won't waste time searching for the right bearing. Just go to your handy little plastic storage case and grab everything you need.

Sold separately, these premium components cost more than $140.

The emergency bearing kit includes:

  • (2) 1/4" stop collars
  • (2) 1/2" stop collars
  • (2) stepped washers
  • (2) small washers
  • (5) router bit bearing screws
  • (2) router screw hex wrenches
  • (2) stop collar hex wrenches
  • (1) BOX-INFIN1 Infinite Series Polypro Tool Case
  • (15) Infinity Tools Bearings of various sizes (see tech spec tab for full details...)

Tech Specs

Bearings Included in Kit
Bearing NumberInside Diam.Outside Diam.Common Use
BR-102 3/16" 3/8" Beading Conversion
BR-103 3/16" 1/2" Pilot Bearing
BR-106 3/16" 5/8" Rabbeting
BR-104 3/16" 3/4" Rabbeting
BR-120 3/16" 7/8" Rabbeting
BR-121 3/16" 1-1/8" Rabbeting
BR-122 3/16" 1-3/8" Rabbeting
BR-109 1/4" 1/2" Pattern Bearing
BR-111 1/4" 5/8" Pattern Bearing
BR-110 1/4" 3/4" Pattern Bearing
1/2" 3/4" Pattern Bearing
BR-115 1/2" 1" Pattern Bearing
BR-112 1/2" 1-1/4" Pattern Bearing
BR-105 5/16" 7/8" Slot Cutter Depth
BR-116 5/16" 1-1/8" Slot Cutter Depth

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