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Rosette Cutter 2-3/4" Diam. Carbide Tipped

Rosette Cutter 2-3/4" Diam. Carbide Tipped

Item Number: RCH-103
Perfect for door and window treatments!



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Make Beautiful Custom Rosette's With Our Premium Quality Cutters!

Our micro-grain carbide tipped rosette cutters will last up to 10x longer than HSS cutters. Perfect for door and window treatments, they work beautifully in either hard or soft wood. When operating, we recommend that they turn between 1500 and 3000 R.P.M. and are fed slowly into the material. These cutters are designed to be used on a lather or drill press. Do not use these cutters in your router as your router spins too fast for safe operation of these tools.

Features Include:

  • Micro-grain carbide cutting edges engineered to last up to ten times longer than high speed steel
  • Aggressive shear angles suitable for both hard and soft woods

Uses in your shop:

  • Make decorative rosettes to accent your picture frames, furniture, frame and panel cabinets doors, and more!

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