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10" Fine Crosscutting Saw Blade

10" Fine Crosscutting Saw Blade

Item Number: 010-060

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The Infinity Tools 10" Fine Crosscutting Blade is made to put the smoothest surface possible in end-grain cutting operations
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The World's Finest Cross Cutting Blade Will Perform in Any Role

Well known fact: Infinity Cutting Tools make the world's best cross cutting blade. Lesser known fact: that same cross cutting blade can also do rip cutting operations like a champ! This specially engineered Fine Cross Cutting Blade features 60 carbide teeth, each with a 30° Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) grind. This unique combination allows the blade to make both glass-smooth cross cuts and perfectly flat rip cuts whenever you need it. The lower ATB angle also adds longevity to the C4 micro-grain carbide teeth, so you get a much longer life between sharpenings when compared to blades with more agressive ATB angles.

Fact that will blow your mind: This Fine Cross Cutting Saw Blade not only outperforms the competition on your table saw - it's also perfectly deisnged to work on your 10" miter saw or radial arm saw! The 30° ATB and positive 5° rake angle prevent climb cutting, so everything that makes this the best cross cut blade also makes it one of the most versatile and economical blades you'll ever buy. Set up the fine cross cutting blade at cutting stations around your workshop and work through a multitude of materials, including softwoods, hardwoods, plywoods, melamine plastics, and even veneered plywoods.

Facts that sweeten the deal: This 60-tooth Fine Cross Cutting Blade also sports our exclusive Nickel Armor coating. This durable nickel finish extends the life of your blade by preventing rust and repelling pitch and resin build-up. Our saw blades are trusted by professionals and serious home woodworkers alike. By combining an advanced body design with the highest quality micro-grain carbide teeth available and our exclusive Nickel Armor coating, Infinity Cutting Tools has created a whole new class of saw blade that will run circles around the competition

Tech Specs

Features Include:
  • Nickel Armor coating for extreme lubricity and durability
  • Large gullets for fast chip ejection and cooler running
  • Precision laser cut expansion slots reduce distortion for cleaner cuts
  • Anti-harmonic slots reduce vibration for longer tooth life
  • Specifically engineered with a 30° ATB grind for longer life and smoother cutting results
  • Thin .104" Kerf reduces waste
  • Positive 5° rake angle geometry will avoids 'climb' cutting, so it works perfectly on your table saw, 10" miter saw, and your radial arm saw
  • Hot-Rolled steel body does not deform like inferior cold-rolled steel used in lesser quality blades
  • Extra thick C4 Micro-Grain carbide tips last longer and take a sharper edge than the competition
  • Made in Italy

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