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Preserve Pure Tung Oil; 32 oz. Bottle

Preserve Pure Tung Oil; 32 oz. Bottle

Item Number: 115-401
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Tung Oil; also known as “China wood oil” is pressed from the nut of the China wood tree. The perfect food-safe finish for your next project.



Tung oil has been recognized for centuries as the finest of oil finishes. It produces a tough, hard, surface that is absolutely waterproof, abrasion resistant and non-toxic. Tung oil penetrates wood fibers enhancing both grain and color. It will not yellow as linseed oil finishes do. Tung oil is revered by craftsmen for its warm, hand rubbed look. Masters Blend Tung oil has a light honey color and a nutty aroma. Tung oil is naturally non-toxic and environmentally friendly. There are many products on the shelves claiming to be “Tung oil finish”.  These are generally standard varnishes that have been thinned with cheaper petroleum solvent.  Many contain no actual Tung oil.  This is why ours is called “100% Pure”. Tung oil is the easiest finish to repair.  Simply rub damaged area with 0000-steel wool and apply more Tung oil.

Masters Blend Tung Oil-100% Pure™ has zero VOC’s (volotile organic compounds).  VOC’s contribute to health problems, smog and noxious odors.  Masters Blend is recommended by Green Reports (click here).   Tung oil is naturally polymerizing and cures by oxidation, not evaporation.  Tung oil is FDA approved for food contact.

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