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Lumber Wizard 4 - Laser Line Woodworking Metal Detector
Lumber Wizard 4 - Laser Line Woodworking Metal Detector

Lumber Wizard 4 - Laser Line Woodworking Metal Detector

Item Number: LWD-001
A powerful metal detector specifically made for woodworking. Now with Laser-Line visual detection.



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A Powerful Metal Detector For Woodworking - Now With Laser Precision!

The Lumber Wizard 4 is the latest version of Wizard Industries' flagship woodworking metal detector. The latest version of this incredibly useful tool features a laser-line generator that provides a bright visual reference of where metal is detected. Undetected nails, screws or other metal fragments can damage expensive cutting tools including jointer knives, planer knives, router bits and saw blades. The Wizard IV has been designed specifically for woodworkers and accurately detects small metal objects hidden inside new or used lumber. Rated to detect larger metal pieces up to 5" deep and is sensitive enough to find a staple up to 3/8" deep into your workpiece. The Lumber Wizard IV is capable of detecting many types of metal, including brass, bronze, steel, aluminum, zinc and even stainless steel. Includes a vibration alert so it's perfect for a noisy shop. 9v battery not included.

Features include;

  • Bright laser-line indicator
  • Quickly finds and pinpoints nails, screws, bullets and wire inside new and used lumber
  • Automatically re-calibrates after each use
  • Detects any type of metal object
  • Helps prevent costly blade damage
  • Reduces shop down time
  • Works quickly on any wood size
  • 6" wide scanning area
  • Durable, sturdy plastic casing
  • Earphone jack or vibration alert
  • 1 year warranty

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