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Narex R2 Premium Square Drive Screwdriver

Narex R2 Premium Square Drive Screwdriver

Item Number: 101-831
This square-drive screwdriver is ideal for all-around shop use, especially for square-drive and combo-drive screws such as pocket screws.



Narex R2 Square Drive Screwdriver

This square-drive screwdriver from Narex nicely complements our Narex 7-pc. Professional Screwdriver set. Suitable for pocket screws, this screwdriver will allow you to assemble or snug up screws used for pocket hole joinery when power-driving is difficult.

Features Include:

  • Chrome-plated high alloy CRv steel shanks
  • Black tips increase grip to help prevent slipping and stripping
  • Shank extended through the handle
  • Beautiful brass-plated ferrules with shock absorbing leather washer
  • Stained beech wood handles with triangular shape

Uses in your shop:

  • Furniture assembly
  • Pocket hole joinery

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