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10pc. Narex Master Rasp Set
10pc. Narex Master Rasp Set

10pc. Narex Master Rasp Set

Item Number: 00-722

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The complete collection of Narex flat rasps, round rasps, and half round rasps for one bundled price
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10-Pc. Narex Premium Flat, Half Round, and Full Round Rasp Set

This master package includes all 10 of the superior quality Narex Premium Rasps. You'll get three flat rasps, three half round rasps, and four full round rasps for one unbeatable price! Each rasp is made with precision CNC machining processes designed to create cutting edges that of perfectly equal dimensions. Tool Steel that has been hardened to HRc45 is the best choice of raw material for tools of this nature. Add in the brass ferrule construction and stained hornbeam handles and you've got a set of tools that will stand the test of time.

Set Includes:

  • (1) 16mm Premium Flat Rasp, 20 teeth/cm² (101-720)
  • (1) 20mm Premium Flat Rasp, 16 teeth/cm² (101-722)
  • (1) 25mm Premium Flat Rasp, 12 teeth/cm² (101-724)
  • (1) 16mm Premium Half Round Rasp, 20 teeth/cm² (101-730)
  • (1) 20mm Premium Half Round Rasp, 16 teeth/cm² (101-732)
  • (1) 25mm Premium Half Round Rasp, 12 teeth/cm² (101-734)
  • (1) 6mm Premium Full Round Rasp, 20 teeth/cm² (101-736)
  • (1) 8mm Premium Full Round Rasp, 16 teeth/cm² (101-737)
  • (1) 10mm Premium Full Round Rasp, 12 teeth/cm² (101-738)
  • (1) 12mm Premium Full Round Rasp, 10 teeth/cm² (101-739)

Tech Specs

Features Include:

  • Tool Steel hardened to HRc45
  • Stained and waxed round hornbeam handles
  • Brass ferrule construction
  • Part of the Profi line of Narex hand tools

Uses in your shop:

  • Rasps are excellent tools for shaping wood in any area of woodworking. From woodcarving to furniture building, a high quality rasp will allow you to remove large amounts of material to achieve rough shapes before coming back to do final shaping and smoothing.

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