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Narex Premium Large Bench Mallet

Narex Premium Large Bench Mallet

Item Number: 101-750
Grab this well balanced Bench Mallet for tough jobs that require finesse and strength.



Big Jobs Call For A Bigger Mallet!

You've got some very dense hardwood and a lot of it to remove. To do the job efficiently you'll need a mallet that can deliver a lot of power directly to your chisel, which is why you'll be wanting this large bench mallet from Narex. They've been crafting tools since 1919 and know how to make them last. The beech and hornbeam construction won't give under the pressure no matter how strong the blow, which means that you'll get years and years of use out of this workhorse.

Features include:

  • 14" length feels perfectly balanced in your hand
  • Beech and hornbeam construction for durability
  • Hefty 1lb. 9 oz. weight makes for a solid tool

Uses in your shop:

  • Take on the hardest woods to craft tenons and hollow out mortises
  • Fit your pieces together when its time to assemble

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