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iGaging 0" - 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout
iGaging 0" - 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout
iGaging 0" - 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout
iGaging 0" - 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout
iGaging 0" - 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout
iGaging 0" - 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout
iGaging 0" - 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout

iGaging 0" - 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout

Item Number: DRR-003
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Greatly increase the accuracy of your tablesaw cuts with the iGaging 0"- 32" Digital Tablesaw Fence Readout.



Easy To Setup - Easy To Use & An Absolute Must-Have Table Saw Accessory!

Great projects start with great tools, we all know that. But until now, precision table saw fence adjustments were time consuming at best and impossibly frustrating at worst. The scale on most saw fence rails is hard to read and not accurate. How inaccurate? With the standard fence scale, we were not able to get closer than .050" of our desired setup. The iGaging digital fence readout got us to within a few thousands of an inch, easily and quickly. We're so sold on this technology we put it on one of our shop machines and can't believe we lived without one for so long.

It is easy to attach the iGaging Saw Fence Readout to your existing table saw fence. It comes with simple mounting brackets and detailed instructions that allow you to mount this on many models. Also included are two self tapping screws to mount the measuring track to the bottom of your saw fence rail. Fits Beisemeyer, Powermatic, Jet, HTC and other T-Square fences.

Just place the readout where it is most convenient for you and enjoy the extra-large and easy-to-read display. The kit can be adapted to a number of woodworking machines, including router lifts, router tables, shapers, planers and tablesaws. It has a remote display connected with a 4 ft. cord that can be disconnected for easy installation and access.

The large easy-to-read display shows both inches with fractions or millimeters. The display shows decimal inches, metric AND fractional inches with (1/64") resolution. Trust us, you can not beat the accuracy of this tool. If you are used to using your fence's built-in tape measure scale you've got a pleasant surprise in store.

Just move the fence so that it lightly contacts the blade, hold the calibrate button to zero the readout, and the Digital Remote Readout will accurately display the distance from the fence to the blade.


  • Up to 32" measuring length
  • Displays inches with fractions or MM
  • Extra-large and easy to read display
  • Resolution - 0.1mm, 0.001", 1/32"
  • Accuracy - +/- .002", +/- 1/500 in., +/- .13mm, all quoted per 6 inches
  • Quality machined hardened stainless steel
  • 6 month battery life from type CR2032

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