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Check out our most recent woodworking tools and accessory reviews below. We have thousands of satisfied customers that use our router bits, shaper cutters, router tables, and many more fine woodworking tools every day. Take a minute to read what your fellow woodworkers have to say about their experience with our company and our quality woodworking tools. All reviews are from real customers of Infinity Tools who were polled by our partners at More third party reviews can be found at Shopper Approved's website.

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Drill Accessories - Wood Boring Drill Bits - Drill Bit Sets

Drilling clean, accurate holes, counterbores, and countersinks is a common task in the woodworking shop. Infinity Cutting Tools has a broad selection of drilling and woodboring bits and accessories to help you get professional results in your woodworking shop.

Drill Presses & Accessories

The key to straight, accurate holes is to use a drill press whenever possible. We provide the drill presses and accessories to upgrade your drill press to a precision drilling machine. A drill press table is the first upgrade you should make to your drill press for better results. We also offer other useful accessories for your drill press such as the Drillnado drill press dust collection system, drill press precision laser guide, center-holding jig for drill press, drill press tool holder, drill press hold-down, and roller guides.

Drill Bits & Accessories

For all your woodboring and plug cutter needs, check out our variety of drill bits & accessories. For clean, smooth holes we offer Colt brad-point drill bits and Forstner-style drill bits. You’ll also find carbide brad-point bits for those tough drilling tasks.

Our selection of tapered plug cutters, straight plug cutters, tapered countersinks, straight countersinks, and self-centering drill bits will give you professional results and round out your selection of drilling accessories.

We also offer Snappy drilling accessories such as quick-change chucks, plug cutters, and countersink drill bit sets.

Forstner Bits & Rosette Cutters

With the selection of Forstner bits and rosette cutters for the drill press, you’re sure to find what you need for that next project in your woodworking shop. Infinity Cutting Tools is proud to offer Colt Forstner bits, drill bit extenders, pepper mill drilling sets, and Morse taper adapters.

If your next project involves door and window trim or if you’re looking for an easy way to add decorative detail to your project, we have a wide selection of rosette cutters for the drill press.