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Take Control With Our Universal Baseplates For Compact Wood Routers

Infinity Tools Compact Router Baseplates come in two different designs, a 6" Round version (115-038), and a D-Handle version with integrated fence (115-037).

Over the last few years the selection and capabilities of trim routers has evolved. Initially only used by production cabinet makers to trim off excess plastic laminates, compact routers now pack some serious power and are perfect for running just about any 1/4" shank router bit on the market. For dedicated handheld routing these machines provide a great deal of convenience and control simply not possible with a larger router.  While they fit nicely in hand, compact routers tend to be top heavy and have a tiny footprint that makes them unstable. To fix this, we designed  two new baseplates that will give you more control and confidence in every cut. Keep reading for more details. 

Made of 3/8" thick clear acrylic, these baseplates are CNC machined to fit most compact routers on the market.

The new Infinity Tools Universal Baseplates for Compact Routers come in two different styles; a traditional 6" Round (115-038) and a teardrop shaped D-Handle with built in fence (115-037). Both are made from tough and durable 3/8" thick clear Acrylic that gives you a solid platform without obstructing your view.

All Infinity Universal Baseplates accept Porter-Cable style guide bushings. Perfect for template routing and sign making.

The Center of both are made to accept Porter-Cable Style guide bushings allowing you to use your compact router to follow jigs, templates, and patterns without any additional adapters.

Both the 6" Round (115-038) and D-Handle (115-037) baseplates come pre-drilled to fit the vast majority of compact routers on the market including Bosch, DeWalt, and Porter-Cable.  Want to know if these baseplates will fit your router? Check out our compatibility chart below.

Infinity Tools Compact Router Baseplate Compatibility Chart:

  • Bosch Colt 310 (Fixed and Plunge Base)
  • Bosch Colt GKF125CEN
  • Bosch PR20EVS
  • DeWalt 611 (Fixed and Plunge Base)
  • Makita RT0700C
  • Makita RT0701C (Fixed and Plunge Base)
  • Makita XTR01Z
  • Porter-Cable 450
  • Ridged R24012

No more small and flimsy baseplates. This Infinity Tools 6" round plate will bridge over inlay packets and increase stability when edge routing.

The 6" Round Baseplate (115-038) is a serious upgrade to the thin plastic plate that comes stock on most routers. It gives you a larger footprint, reducing rocking while edge routing and bridging over grooves, dadoes and inlay recesses giving you better control and more accurate results.

The D-Handle Baseplate provides extra support where you need it for incredibility stable routing.

The D-Handle Baseplate (115-037) has a unique teardrop shape with an offset handle. This design gives you a extra large and stable platform specifically for edge routing like when you're flush trimming veneer or laminate or adding a decorative detail such as a chamfer or round-over.  This baseplate gives you a second handle positioned well over the surface of the workpiece to eliminate rocking that could ruin your project.

The included fence on the D-Handle baseplate allows you to route dadoes and grooves up to 5-1/2" from the edge of your workpiece.

The D-Handle baseplate (115-037) also includes a unique fence that can be positioned up to 5-1/2" from the router bit allowing you to add dadoes or groves without the need for cumbersome attachments. The fence has one straight face to accurately follow straight edges and a lobed face that allows you to follow curves  edges with ease.

Following curved surfaces is easy when you flip the fence around using the lobed edge to supply two stable points of contact.

If you want to increase the accuracy and convenience of your compact router, one of our new Universal Baseplates is a must. Available individually or in a 2  piece money saving packages 115-046, these baseplates will help you get take control of every cut.

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