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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  • Mega Flush Trim Compression Router Bits

    The Infinity Tools Mega Flush Trim router bits are the perfect upgrade anytime your project calls for a traditional flush trim or double pattern bearing router bit.

    Note: These bits require a variable speed router. Max RPM for both 3/4" diameter bits is 18,000 RPM. (06-692, 06-693) Max RPM for both 1-1/2" diameter Bits is 16,000 RPM. (06-694, 06-695)

    All types of woodworking require the use of flush trimming router bits. Everything from tables, chairs and electric guitars all can require the use of templates and flush trimming router bits to get the job done right.  The biggest issue with plain-Jane flush trim router bits is that they have some difficulty producing great cuts when routing thick stock, delicate veneers, and figured hardwood. This comes down mainly to their limited diameter and lack of spiral cutting geometry. We took those shortcomings and eliminated them when we designed our new Mega Flush Trim Router Bit family. Keep reading to discover how they produce the cleanest possible cuts in gnarly material; thick, thin and everything in between.  Continue reading

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