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Precise Height Adjustment & Rock Solid, Our Tool Stand Sets The Bar

The Infinity Tools Heavy Duty Tool Stand (HDTS-001) can be configured from low to high and will serve many purposes in the shop. The same stand, setup anyway you want it!

One of the most important parts of setting up a safe and efficient woodworking shop is getting your machines at the proper height and on a stable work surface. And for better use of space, small shops can really benefit from getting as many machines as possible setup to the same height. This simple task can be very difficult with most available tool stands, especially if you also want those tools to be mobile. This is where the Infinity Heavy Duty Tool Stand (HDTS-001) really shines. We've designed it from the ground up to be the most versatile stand on the market.

For stationary tools, the stand comes standard with a set of sturdy leveling feet. If mobility is needed we offer an optional double locking caster set (HDC-001).

The Infinity Tools stand is height configurable from 22-1/4" to 43-3/4" with the included leveling feet or from 25" to  45" in 1" increments with the optional double locking caster set. This huge range of adjust-ability allows you to set-up the tools in your shop exactly as you want them.

This stand is built with heavy 11 gauge steel legs and 14 gauge cross members. All pieces are powder coated for durability and looks.

You don't want a wimpy tool stand in your shop and unfortunately, many available stands aren't up to the task. When designing our new stand we made strength and stability paramount. That's why we make ours from heavy 11 gauge steel leg sections and 14 gauge steel rail sections, then powder coat each piece to insure corrosion resistance and durability. This beast tips the scales at 45 lbs. and if mass is any indication of quality, you won't find a better engineered product on the market.

Stainless steel hardware is standard with the Infinity Tools Stand including serrated flange lock nuts requiring only a 7/16" wrench or socket to assemble. For the Metric world an 11 mm should do the trick.

We chose premium stainless steel  hardware for our stand, and went the extra mile to spec. carriage bolts and serrated flange lock nuts that make assembly a simple one-wrench (or ratchet) operation. Not to mention they look great.

Taking advantage of the 1" height increments means setting all the tool surfaces in your shop will be a breeze. Here in our shop we were able to set our router table to the exact same height as our Saw Stop Tablesaw.

One of the most important features of a tool stand is that it can be set to whatever height is needed. Have you ever tried to find a stand that will let you set your planer to the same height as your tablesaw? Most won't do the trick. The Infinity Tools Stand will do just that, even with the optional casters installed. The same is true of most dedicated router table stands. Those stands are too tall, leaving the top surface inches higher than surrounding tops in the shop. Setting the table height of these tools all to the same height allows the woodworker to use any surface as an in-feed or out-feed table and eliminates concern of interference caused when these surfaces are not in the same plane.

When using just the lower leg section, the stand can be set to as low as 25-1/4" making it an ideal platform for awkward tools like spindle sanders and bench top drill presses.

Because this stand can be assembled to be as low as 22-1/4" it is ideal for many awkward sized tools in the shop like "bench top" drill presses, sanders, and portable tablesaws that are always too tall if placed on an actual bench.

On the opposite side of the equation some tools need to be taller, scroll saws and grinders come to mind. These tools benefit from some extra elevation making them comfortable to stand at and give the user better control over the workpiece.

Single flange horizontal rails can be positioned with the flange down creating a lip to keep tools from rolling off, or flange up for a smooth transition depending on your needs.

Because this stand can be set to a maximum height of over 43" and the horizontal rails are drilled appropriately, shelves can be added turning this "stand" into a tool cart or storage rack. The horizontal rails are a single flange design so that they will act as a shelf lip If installed with the flange down instead of up. And if your in the market for a new router table system this stand now comes standard as part of our extremely popular Infinity Router Table Packages. Shown below as part of our Pro. Router Table Package with Triton 3-1/4 hp router, our part # RTP-103.

Of course, the stand makes the perfect base for all of our router table packages. But you already knew that.

If you haven't already figured it out, we're pretty proud of our Heavy Duty Tool Stand. We designed it to be incredibly versatile, sturdy and useful. With our heavy duty tool stand in your shop you'll be more comfortable working on projects because you'll be able to set the height of all your machines exactly where you want them. With our optional caster set you'll be able to move the stand quickly and easily. Give this product a try, it's another quality innovation from a company you can trust.

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