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Dial In Perfect Slot Widths Using Precision Twist Slot-Cutting Router Bits

Precision Twist router bits With a pair of Precision Twist Slot-Cutting Router Bits you can create slots in any width from 1/8" through 1/2" in .004" increments.

The Infinity Tools Precision Twist Slot-Cutting Router Bits are a new spin on a traditional slot cutter. These are different from your usual slot cutting router bits because they allow for infinite adjustability from 1/8" to 1/4" (Item 61-512) or from 1/4" to 1/2" (Item 61-513) cutter kerfs with the twist of the adjusting nut on the top of the bit. With these router bits, you'll always have the perfect size slot cutter for the job and will never need to mess with those tiny shims on traditional stacked slot-cutting router bits.

Using wrench on slot-cutting router bit Use the included wrench to loosen the lock nut to adjust the width of the slot cutter.

Adjusting the Precision Twist slot cutters is easy. First loosen the top nut on the bit with the included wrench. Second, turn the knurled knob on the top of the bit to adjust the spacing between the pair of cutters. The bits are etched with one-eighth increment hash marks around their circumference to help dial in the desired cutting width.

Slot cutter with laser-etched markings Etched markings around the bit provide an aid for fine-tuning the cutter width.

Each hash mark represents 0.004" of adjustment. One full revolution of the  knob adjusts the overall cutter width 1/64". Tighten the lock nut back down and you are ready to put the bit to use.

Pair of Precision Twist router bits Quality materials and computerized manufacturing methods contribute to precision and long life.

There are no clicks or detentes in the adjustment mechanism. This enables  infinite adjustability between the minimum and maximum cutting widths of the router bits. This is handy for any other situations that come up in custom woodworking, such as creating an absolutely perfect-fitting groove for undersized plywood.

Each of these bits includes a bearing that limits the depth of cut to 1/2". With a 1/2" shank and an overall diameter of 2", we recommend a maximum speed of 16,000 rpm with your variable-speed router or router speed controller. While these bits can be used in a hand-held router, they're ideally suited for use in a router table or CNC machine. Each of these bits feature four carbide cutting tips of the same high quality and long life you would expect from Infinity Cutting Tools.

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