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Get Professional Results with Infinity Rabbeting Router Bit Sets

00-556 Rabbeting Bit Set Rabbeting Router Bit Set 00-556 with a 1" cutter height.

Rabbet joints are a common joint used in woodworking for all sorts of projects. While rabbet joints can be made with several different tools from hand planes to table saws, arguably the cleanest, fastest, and easiest way to make rabbets is with a good rabbeting router bit set.

Rabbeting Bit Set 00-555 Rabbeting Router Bit Sets 00-155 (1/4" shank) and 00-555 (1/2" shank shown) include a rabbeting bit with 1/2" cutter height.

Here at Infinity Tools, we offer a few different rabbeting sets that we recommend over and over simply because they are extremely versatile and cover the majority of rabbet widths that you as a woodworker need to make. Check out our Rabbeting Router Bit Sets.

Whether you need a rabbeting router bit set with a 1/4" shank or 1/2" shank we have you covered. A 1/4"-shank rabbet bit is included with Rabbeting Router Bit Set 00-155. For 1/2"-shank you can choose between Rabbeting Router Bit Sets 00-555 or 00-556.

The beauty of these sets is that they include a single rabbeting router bit plus, a set of six additional bearings. This allows you to swap the bearing on top of the bit to make six different sized rabbets:

  • 1/2"
  • 7/16"
  • 3/8"
  • 5/16"
  • 1/4"
  • 1/8"

Not only that, but a large, 1-3/8" bearing is included to convert the rabbet bit into a flush-trim bit. Also included are two extra dust shields, an extra top screw, and an Allen key.

1-1/8" bearing on rabbet bit A 1-1/8" O.D. bearing produces a rabbet 1/8" wide.

Smallest bearing on rabbet bit A 3/8" O.D. bearing produces a 1/2"-wide rabbet.

The flush-trim capability is very useful. Most flush-trim router bits are smaller in diameter. This is fine when trimming small amounts of material. The more material you need to remove, the larger in diameter your router bit should be. For instance, if you need to trim 1/2" of material, ideally your router bit would be at least 1" in diameter for the best results. One of these 1-3/8"-diameter rabbeting router bits will yield a beautiful cut regardless of the amount of material being removed.

Rabbeting bit in flush-trim configuration Besides cutting clean, square rabbets, the Rabbeting Router Bit Sets also allow you to flush-trim when used with the 1-3/8" O.D. bearing.

Each of these three sets are right at home in a variable speed handheld router or router table. The rabbeting router bits in these sets are unique as well, with an aggressive shear angle that helps produce a beautiful, clean cuts. Their extra-thick, micro-grain carbide cutters are super sharp and allow resharpening. The 00-155 and 00-555 Rabbeting Router Bit Sets include a rabbeting bit with a 1/2" tall cutter height. The 00-556 set includes a rabbeting router bit with a 1" tall cutter height.

Rabbet bit with 1/2" cutter height. A rabbeting router bit with a 1/2" cutter height is included in Rabbeting Router Bit Sets 00-155 and 00-55.

1" Cutter height rabbet bit A rabbeting router bit with a 1" cutter height is included with Rabbeting Router Bit Set 00-556.

For professional results when creating rabbet joints, an Infinity Tools Rabbeting Router Bit Set combines a great value with the best quality. See them in action in the video below.

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