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Easily Make Tapered Cuts At The Table Saw with Our Simple Jig

100-146 Taper Jig

If you've built furniture for any length of time chances are you needed to make tapered cuts. Tapered table legs are a prime example. To make a tapered cut safely and accurately you need a tapering jig. Here at Infinity, we offer a simple aluminum jig (item 100-146) that makes tapered cuts easily without breaking the bank. 

Taper jig stop and knob The taper jig features an adjustable stop and tall handle to control the jig and workpiece during the cut.

The Table Saw Taper Jig is made from a pair of extruded aluminum rails and features an adjustable workpiece stop. The tall handle keeps hands away from the blade. The easy-to-read angle gauge makes it simple to set the proper taper angle from 0° to 15°  or from 0" to 3" per foot of run in 1/4" increments.

Angle gauge on taper jig The angle gauge makes it easy to set the taper in degrees or inches per foot.

The curved locking bracket ensures that the angle you set is the angle you'll get. A pair of wing nuts makes locking the setting a quick, tool-free process.

Taper jig with rip blade on table saw A good rip blade is essential to making clean, effortless cuts for tapered workpieces.

A good blade is important for clean cuts at the table saw. For tapers, I prefer an Infinity Thin-Kerf Ripping Blade (Item 010-124). Tapers are almost always a ripping operation. The tooth geometry and thin kerf are a perfect combination for clean and effortless cuts.

Rip blade cutting taper A quality rip blade, like the Infinity 010-124 thin-kerf blade, is essential when cutting long tapers.

Making tapers doesn't have to be a difficult or intimidating task as long as you have the right tool for the job. With the Infinity Tools Table Saw Taper Jig you can make accurate tapered cuts for your next woodworking project.

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