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The M-Power CRB7 Baseplate Package Turns Your Router into a Precision Woodworking Machine

M-Power Complete Router Accessory Package The M-Power Router Accessory Package (Item 100-100) includes the CRB7 baseplate, trim jig plus the MHLF mortise, hing, and lock accessory.

The biggest improvement you can make to your handheld router is to add a high-quality baseplate. The M-Power CRB7 Router Base Package increases the stability of the router, adds accuracy, and adds versatility to your router for a variety of precision routing tasks. You can switch from one operation to another easily. Plus, you can completely remove the CRB7 from one router and put it on another in short order. The M-Power CRB7 router base is a perfect choice because it fits a wide range of routers. (Be sure to check out the "Tech Specs" tab on our web page for a complete list of compatible routers.) Lets take a quick look at just a few of the things you can do when you add a CRB7 package to your router.

First of all the CRB7 is very easy to install. It includes two pairs of guide rods to attach to your router. Each pair of rods is a different diameter to so that one pair is sure to fit the guide rod holes in the router's base.

CRB7 baseplate mounted with guide rods on router The CRB7 is a great addition to any router for increasing stability and precision (also sold separately, Item 100-097).

An added advantage to having these extra rods is that they can be connected together and used as an arm for routing circles to about 50" in diameter. This method of mounting the router makes it easy to switch the CRB7 from one router to another with minimal hassle.

CRB7 baseplate used as a trammel Extra rods included with the CRB7 baseplate can be connected to create a long trammel for routing circles and radii.

The newest addition to the CRB7 package is the M-Power MHLF Mortise, Hinge & Lock Accessory. MHLF stands for "mortise, hinge, & lock fence." It includes a pair of fences that are used individually or in tandem. This makes the MHLF the perfect tool for routing on narrow edges, such as cutting hinge mortises in the edges of door frames, grooves, or mortises for mortise-and-tenon joinery. One of the fences is fixed while the other can be precisely positioned with the micro-adjust knob.

MHLF mortise, hinge, and lock accessory The M-Power MHLF Mortise, Hinge & Lock Accessory for the CRB7 baseplate includes a fixed fence and a micro-adjustable fence. The MHLF accessory is also sold separately, Item 100-091).

Another item included in the complete package is the M-Power Trim Jig For CBR7 Router Base Plate (Item 100-098).  The function of this jig is that it allows flush-trimming of things like plugs, dowels, and edge banding. The trim jig and CRB7 help keep the weight of the router on the workpiece, making the router less likely to rock or tip. It also includes a guide bearing to make trimming edge banding a snap.

Trim jig with bearing The M-Power Trim Jig For CBR7 Router Base Plate (also available separately, Item 100-098) includes a guide bearing for trimming edges flush, creating rabbets, and other routing tasks.

And this is possibly the nicest feature of the CRB7 — the stability it adds to the router when routing along the edges of a workpiece. A standard router base puts the majority of the router's weight off the edge of the workpiece. The CRB7 functions as an offset base and adds an extra knob to help control the router and apply downward pressure. This keeps the router from accidentally tipping and ruining your edge detail.

There is almost an endless variety of tasks your router can do with the M-Power CRB7 router base package. If you're tired of dealing with the shortcomings of your router or fussing with accessories that are difficult to install and set up, you need the M-Power Router Accessory Package.

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