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Make Mission or Shaker-Style Doors with Tongue & Groove Router Bit Sets

Tongue & Groove Rail & Stile Router Bits

Mission-style cabinet doors or traditional Shaker-style doors are arguably the most common doors made. You might even hear them called tongue and groove doors because that's the joinery used to construct the door frames. Here at Infinity Tools, we offer two tongue & groove, rail and stile router bit sets: One for making doors with solid wood panels and another for making doors with undersized plywood panels.

If you're interested in making a traditional, Shaker-style door with a raised panel turned to the inside of the cabinet, the 61-502 tongue and groove router bit set is what you need.

61-502 tongue and groove router bit set The 61-502 tongue and groove router bit sets creates a 1/4"-wide groove for the door panel.

This rail and stile set creates a 1/4"-thick tongue and groove 1/2" deep to create a strong frame. Pair this set with an Infinity 90-502 standard raised panel router bit and you can make those traditional Shaker doors with a simple flat panel look on the outside but with the strength of a full-thickness raised panel only visible when you open the door.

Want to make Mission-style doors that have plywood panels? The 61-507 plywood tongue and groove router bit set is the perfect choice.

61-507 plywood router bit set For making cabinet doors with plywood panels, choose the 61-507 plywood tongue and groove router bit set.

If you've shopped for 1/4"-thick plywood you know that it's rarely a true 1/4" thick. It's more likely to measure in at 5.5mm or 5.9mm thick. This causes a problem if you use a router bit set that creates a 1/4" tongue and groove. This is because the panel will be loose in the frame and rattle or have unsightly gaps around the edges.

The 61-507 plywood router bit set solves these problems. It includes both a 5.5mm and 5.9mm groove cutter and a tongue cutter that can be easily adjusted with included shims to make the tongue the proper thickness to match the plywood thickness. This allows you to easily adapt when the next batch of plywood comes in a little thinner or thicker than you were expecting.

Plywood panel in groove

Adjusting the 61-507 is very easy. First, select either the 5.5mm or 5.9mm slot cutter and install it on the included 1/2"-shank arbor along with the 7/8" bearing. Be sure to place one of the included shims on both sides of the bearing to allow it to spin freely. Then lock everything down by installing the washer and nut back onto the arbor. (The torque spec for the nut is 8-11 ft lb)

The tongue cutter comes right out of the package pre-assembled to cut a 5.5mm-thick tongue. Converting to make a 5.9mm tongue is as simple as removing the top nut and washer. Under the washer will be 5 thin shims. Install these shims under the top slot cutter and reinstall the washer and nut.

That's all there is to it. For a simple, understated design in cabinet doors, our 61-502 and 61-507 tongue and groove router bit sets are the perfect solutions to professional-looking cabinetry.

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