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New M-Power Tools MHLF Mortising Accessory for CRB7 Combination Router Base

Mortise, Hinge, and Lock Accessory

MPower Mortise, Hinge, and Lock Accessory MPower Mortise, Hinge, and Lock Accessory

It's been a few years since I first wrote this article on the M-POWER CRB7 Router Base, so I wanted to add some information about the newest accessory that we've included to this package deal. The MHLF Mortise, Hinge, and Lock Accessory (Item 100-091) adds a whole new level of application to this router base system that I couldn't consider back when I was just starting out.

The MHLF allows you to securely affix the CRB7 Router Base to the edge of any door or work piece up to 7" wide and dial in the position of your mortises. With this, you can easily rout mortises for door hardware and hinges on both interior and exterior-sized doors.

Dial in the perfect cut for interior or exterior doors with the Mortise, Lock, and Hinge Accessory Ride the fences with this great addition to the CRB7 Complete Package

I find it also handy for mortising out joinery for table legs and other spindly items. This accessory is also an improvement over using the Mortise Pillars included with the CRB7 because it allows you to rout the entire length along the edge of a workpiece whereas the mortise pillars require you to stop short.

The MHLF is also great for adding decorative details like reeds and flutes to the front of a cabinet. It's micro-adjustable fences allow precise placement of the bit in relation to the edges of the workpiece.

Overall, the MHLF is a great add-on accessory to the CRB7 combination router base. It adds so much more functionality to your handheld router.

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