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8-Pc. Multi-Tool Master Blade Package - Universal Fit

8-Pc. Multi-Tool Master Blade Package - Universal Fit

Item Number: 101-240.8

Regular Price: $136.90

Now only: $119.90

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Seven of the most popular oscillating blades for your multi-tool PLUS an awesome titanium-coated STORM blade make this a master package!



Our EXCLUSIVE eight piece professional blade package includes all of the must-have oscillating blades, rasps, and scrapers that you'll need to get the most from your oscillating multi-tool. In this blade package we've also included a premium Imperial Blades Titantium-Coated STORM Blade, making this the best oscillating tool blade package deal available.

In this set, we've included:

  • One (1) Imperial Blades model IBOA120
    1/8" Wide Fine Detail Blade (item 101-241)

    Allows you to work small spaces in wood or PVC materials.
  • One (1) Imperial Blades model IBOA133
    1-1/4" Wide Deep Wood HCS Blade (item 101-243)

    The longest and thinnest blade from Imperial Blades, specifically designed for precision wood applications.
  • One (1) Imperial Blades Model IBOA250
    2-1/2" Fast Wood HCS Blade (item 101-244)

    Make wide, aggressive cuts in wood and PVC materials. This blade features a flush-cut design to allow you to get right down on the work peice.
  • One (1) Imperial Blades Model IBOAT340
    1-3/4" Wide Titanium Coated Storm Blade (item 101-247)

    This is a high-speed extremely powerful cutting blade that is great for all wooden materials. It's capable of cuttingnails, plasterboard, all plastics, and fiberglass reinforced plastics.
  • One (1) Imperial Blades Model IBOA620
    Triangular Carbide Grit Blade (item 101-257)

    The carbide RASP is best utilized for coarse grinding, rasping, or aggressive material removal over large areas. Applications include wood, hardened adhesives, thinset, and masonry.
  • One (1) Imperial Blades Model IBOA270
    2-1/2" Wide Japanese Precision Hardwood HCS Blade (item 101-258)

    The japanese precision style oscillating blade uses extremely sharp teeth for making precision cuts through wood. This 2 1/2-Inch blade and ā€œJā€ tooth design, allows you to make flush cuts with ease on a cut-by-cut basis.
  • One (1) Imperial Blades Model IBOA450
    4" Segmented HSS Blade (item 101-259)

    The high-speed steel material is rigid, allowing the blade to cut through harder wood and sheet metal up to 1mm thick as well as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and nails. This blade is ideal for long rip cuts.
  • One (1) Imperial Blades Model IBOA500
    Rigid Scraper (item 101-260)

    The rigid scraper blade is optimal for the removal of old paint, adhesive residue, carpet, and tile adhesives.

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