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5-Pc. Bench Plane Package
5-Pc. Bench Plane Package
5-Pc. Bench Plane Package
5-Pc. Bench Plane Package
5-Pc. Bench Plane Package

5-Pc. Bench Plane Package

Item Number: 101-670

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All the planes you need to dimension, flatten, and joint lumber plus, create a glass-smooth finished surface.
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Everything You Need to Dimension, Flatten, and Finish Lumber!

You won't find a better value anywhere in quality European-style hand planes.

Start with the scrub plane to quickly remove material to rough thickness and eliminate defects such as twist. Follow up with a jack plane to get close to final dimensions and create a smoother surface. Follow up with a jointer plane to flatten the surface to final dimension and joint edges straight. The smoothing plane will create a glass-smooth surface before final assembly of your project.

Our premium wood body bench planes now feature a Norris style adjustment mechanism that makes them very easy to use. This traditional adjustment mechanism allows the depth of cut to be adjusted by turning the brass knob. Pressing the knob right or left will adjust the skew of the iron in the plane body. The Wedge also features a brass tensioning screw with thumb knob that makes securing the iron a snap and improves tension near the end of the wedge where it matters most. Made of European beech hardwood with a long-wearing hornbeam sole, these planes are ready for a lifetime of use. 

You get all four bench planes plus, 8-oz. plane-adjusting mallet.

Set Includes:

  • Scrub Plane with Norris Style Adjuster
  • Jack Plane with Norris Style Adjuster
  • Smoothing Plane with Norris Style Adjuster
  • Jointer Plane with Norris Style Adjuster
  • 8-oz. Delrin-Tipped Brass Mallet

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I am very impressed with your hand planes and am considering purchase of the complete 12 piece Master package! I understand they are based on a European design, but exactly where are these tools manufactured? Are any of the components manufactured in China?

Thank you,

What wood is used for the body on these planes?